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Q: Does VFB+ work with my renderer?

A: VFB+ is renderer independent, it will work with any renderer provided you are using the 3dsmax frame buffer. For example, when using Chaos Software V-Ray®, VFB+ will be active when not using the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

Q: Will VFB+ play nice with my pipeline?

A: Absolutely! VFB+ does not create any objects or scene classes. You will never get a ‘Missing Plugins’ error when opening or rendering a scene. There is no problem sharing scenes between machines that do/don’t have VFB+ installed.

Q: What happens to my original frame buffer?

A: Everything is still right there. At any point, you can toggle VFB+ off with a single click if for any reason you need access to the original VFB.

Q: Do I need to install VFB+ on my render nodes?

A: You don’t have to, but it is an option. Installing VFB+ on render nodes allows you to send BackBurner renders and have them come back color-corrected and with stamping applied. No additional license is required to install VFB+ on render nodes.

Q: How does licensing work?

A: As of v2.8, VFB+ is completely free for personal or commercial use.

Q: Is there a version for 3dsmax 20XX?

A: At the time of writing, supported versions of 3dsmax are 2009 – 2017. No earlier version of 3dsmax will ever be supported. We can make no guarantees that any future version of 3dsmax will continue to be supported.