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VFB+ is now completely free for personal & commercial use!


VFB+ (Virtual Frame Buffer) is an advanced frame buffer for Autodesk™ 3ds Max™. It features an intuitive user interface, render history capabilities, a powerful color adjustment engine, a highly customizable frame stamping module and many more features that will help you improve your rendering workflow.
Best of all, it all happens right in the VFB, saving you the cumbersome process of cloning multiple frame buffers just to check out the difference, or opening your render in external image editing software only to test out some color adjustment options.

VFB+ works with any renderer which uses the native 3dsmax frame buffer, e.g. Mental Ray, IRay, Final Render, V-Ray*, Corona*, etc.

* when not using the renderer's custom VFB


Key Features


Render History

  • Automatically store all your session renders including all Render Elements and G-Buffer channels.
  • Variety of display modes.
  • Compare different images using various split A/B modes.
  • Use the Film Strip to see all stored images.
Color Correction in VFB+ v2.6

Color Correction

  • Linear-space multi-threaded processing.
  • Various exposure, level and gamma controls.
  • Vignette, Chromatic Aberration, Multi-channel curve editing and 3D LUT support.
  • Get more done in the VFB, Adjust color correction even while rendering!

Depth of Field

  • High quality 2D Post-process depth of field effect.
  • Use any render element as a depth source, or load one from file.
  • Customizeable aperture shape.
Noise Reduction

Image Filters

  • Advanced Noise-Reduction filter suited for high frequency noise typically found in CG renderings.
  • Firefly reduction filter for removing overbright pixels.
  • Bloom, glare, blur and sharpen filters.


  • Apply rich graphic and text overlays to your image.
  • Great for adding technical information, keeping track of render settings and for quick presentation graphics and titles.
  • Add images such as company logos, or automatically tile subtle watermarks.
  • Use a multitude of built-in variables, or add your own arbitrary MAXScript expressions.

Installation Instructions

Extract VFBPlus2.dlx from the ZIP file and place it in your 3dsmax \Plugins\ folder. Render as usual.
Similarly, to uninstall simply delete this file.

V-Ray users: disable the V-Ray frame buffer from render settings (V-Ray tab -> Frame Buffer rollout).

Corona users: set the frame buffer mode to 'Native 3dsmax VFB' (System tab -> VFB rollout)

User Testimonials

I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, and VFB+ has exceeded my expectations. Lighting, shading and rendering workflow has become surprisingly easier and simpler. Anyone who renders in 3dsMax should use this plugin.

-Dave Levy, Lighting and Compositing Artist, UbiSoft

VFB+ is the first plugin I install on a fresh copy of Max. If you do any rendering, from preview renders all the way to production, this tool will save you time and sanity! VFB+ adds elegance and simplicity to rendering and previewing that was sorely missing. Gone are the days of opening multiple Ram Players or cluttering your monitor with copied renders. The only downside to VFB+ is that you will be hooked and will never want to work without it again! I'm still waiting for my flying car and hoverboard, but the future is finally here with VFB+... now somebody get my rocket boots!

-Pete Sedlacek

Now I cannot even imagine the work in 3dsmax without VFB+. This tool allows me to track how parameters changes influence on rendered image, to analyze how parameter changes influence on render time, to adjust rendered image in 2D programs and use it as reference for my parameters setup. By using VFB+ I can considerably faster improve ratio of rendered time to quality of final image. VFB+ is simple to install and from very beginning makes the work as a pleasure.

-Mike "RGhost" Samoilov

VFB+ is pretty much badass. I’m glad I gave it a spin. It’s going to be listed in my next newsletter for Wall Worm users. I really love the filmstrip as well as the vertical split display. Keep up the great work… you’ve made a fan of me and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

-Shawn Olson

VFB+ is such a great tool, it deserves all the glory it can get. I just can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner, it would have saved me so much time! You can ask, how much time do I waste waiting for green light? How much time do I waste sleeping? Well tell me this, how much time do you waste on renders, and tests during a whole carreer?! VFB+ is one of those tools that just puts Autodesk at shame for not implementing it first. It integrates so well, making the learning curve non-existing. The way it keeps track of your images is just perfect, making it easy to know where you are, have been, and where you are going. If you want to limit the time testing, and get to the final render faster, then VFB+ is what you are looking for. Check it out, you will never go back!

-Mats Ottesen

It works great. I was thinking of writing my own test suite for max rendering, when I stumbled upon your script. It does everything we want it to do, thus saving us hours of development.

-Martijn Vermeer

I just have to say thank you for this so good, simple, intuitive (tooltips are so great), efficient and useful tool!

-Gilles Paget

Bought this ages ago, it’s so cheap and I’ve come to really miss it when I don’t have access to it. It really has all the things a frame buffer should have IMO. Makes it really easy to organize your renders, automatically put information on your renders etc.

-Tobbe Olsson

VFB+ finally fills the gap for anyone who needs to work in a color managed environment. I can finally see colors the way they're intended to look, this is really important for the kind of work we do and has been impossible before. VFB+ also brings a lot of useful image workflow improvements without the need to leave 3ds max and greatly helps to reduce the time I need for lighting and shading - it's my new personal favorite tool and a real help on all of our projects.

-Marcin Gruszczyk

Thanks for making this great plugin! I have been using it for all my works now :)

-Fausto De Martini

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