Free Tools

All of the following tools are given freely and without warranty. You may use them in any personal or commercial project. You may not sell, package, embed or otherwise redistribute them. If you find them useful or would like to report bugs or make suggestions, feel free to contact me using the contact page.


mmMaxControls is a library of several .NET controls, which look and feel like standard 3dsmax controls.
See this blog post for more info

Download mmMaxControls (12k)


mmTransformTypeIn is a simple hotkey-compatible launcher for the 3dsmax transform type-in dialog. It opens the dialog where the mouse cursor is and sets keyboard focus to the relevant offset spinner.

Download mmTransformTypeIn
Blog Post (more info)


mmRegions is a small tool which helps you manage, store, restore and batch render render regions in a 3dsmax scene.

Download mmRegions
Youtube Video
Blog Post (more info)


Windowshopper is a MAXScript tool aimed at developers.
It allows you to explore all of 3dsmax’s UI elements in a treelist and intercept windows messages, which makes development of UIAccessor based code less of a hassle.

It is similar to Spy++, but aimed at 3dsmax and MAXScript development.

Download WindowShopper