VFB+ v2.61

This new point release fixes a couple of embarrassingly broken buttons in v2.6 (Save all Elements & Save all History), and as compensation also adds the single most requested feature for the past 3 years – the infamous ‘Track Mouse while Rendering’ feature (as in VRay VFB).

Track Mouse

Naturally, this button is only available if you are actually rendering with VRay (v2 or v3). I’ll be more than happy to add support for any other renderer which has this feature and reasonably exposes it.

A big thanks goes out to Chaos Group for exposing this feature so beautifully in their APIs.

Change Log

VFB+ v2.6 (finally!) Released

It’s time for another update to the advanced universal frame buffer for 3dsmax. This release is the most powerful, feature packed and stable release yet.
The biggest new feature I would say is a depth of field post-effect, which utilizes the Z-depth element to produce a very plausible depth of field.
Regardless, a lot of attention was given to the color correction panel. In addition to depth of field, also new is a filmic tonemapping operator, a white balance picker which you can select directly on your image, and support for ICC profiles.


Check out all the new features demonstated in this video, and read the exhaustive change log here.

A lot of awesome users helped me beta test this release, and I’d especially like to thank Marcin Gruszczyk, who tested countless build iterations and gave me great feedback, which helped facilitate many of the new features in this release.