VFB+ v2.4 Has Arrived

Fashionably late (well, at least according to my initial plans :)), I’m proud to present an all new release of VFB+. A lot of effort has gone into this release, both in terms of new features added, and the number of bugs fixes.
The image processing engine has been completely rewritten to better leverage SIMD optimizations.
New features like image filters, composition guides, view-dependent CC settings and overall stability improvements make sure that you get the most out of the tool, and the greatest improvement to your workflow.

Needless to say, the upgrade is free for existing users!

Be sure to check out the full change log for a comprehensive list.

Thanks to everyone for the continuous feedback and the overall support!

version 2.41 Update!

An update has been released fixing the following bugs:

  • ‘Send To’ was broken for command-line based applications.
  • Opening the preferences panel would reset the last used ‘Send To’ application.
  • If ‘Output Folder’ was set to ‘Permanent’ in output preferences, and annoying message would pop up whenever a user opens the preferences dialog.
  • Using ‘Sent to Photoshop’ could result in a MAXScript exception being raised.

A big thanks to Shawn Olson for letting me know about all of these bugs, and my sincere apology to those who have already taken the time to download v2.4.