mmRegions: A Handly Little Script for Render Region Management

Lately I’ve been seeing several requests on forums for a way to easily ‘save’ coordinates of regions in a 3dsmax scene. mmRegions is a small free script which does just that. It can store the current render region, restore previously saved regions, and even batch render several regions with one button.

All coordinates are saved as percentages, so they scale linearly with the image size. The regions can also be given a descriptive name are are visualized inside the tool. They are saved automatically inside the scene.

To use it:

  • Install the script by dragging mmRegions.mcr into a viewport.
  • Assign it to a toolbar or a keyboard shortcut from the Customize User Interface dialog. It will be found under the Monotone Minimal category.
  • Open the tool.
  • Set a render region as you normally would.
  • Press the Store Region button (first button from the left) to save the coordinates of the region.
  • Press the Restore Region button (third button from the left) to restore the saved region to the current render region of 3dsmax.
  • To batch-render several regions, use the Batch Render button (last button from the left).

UPDATE: Fixed a bug which would cause the Mental Ray VFB controls window to go blank after batch-rendering multiple regions. Thanks to Spacefrog for the report!

UPDATE #2: Updated to v1.1! New features:

  • Preview window now correctly matches render aspect
  • Now works with V-Ray Frame Buffer regions. If the V-Ray VFB region mode is enabled, creating a new region, restoring a region or batch-rendering will affect that instead of the standard 3dsmax render region.
  • Added spinners for editing the dimensions of the currently selected region.
  • Added option to export/import region data. Data can be exported either as plain text, or as Adobe After Effects keyframe data.
  • Added a confirmation window when ‘delete region’ is pressed.

Download mmRegions