VFB+ v2.1 Released

Based extensively on user feedback from v2.0, I am proud to release the first update to VFB+2!

A few nifty features have been added, such as being able to capture images from Render To Texture, or automatically saving the image from VFB+, allowing you for example, to render sequences locally and have VFB+ color correction or stamping already applied.

The core image processing algorithms have also been greatly optimized, resolving a problem in which a very large render could cause the UI to stutter.

A lot of options have been added to the preferences and more hotkeys have been added, giving each user the fine-grained control needed to suit VFB+ to the intricate inner-workings of their specific pipeline.

Check out the Change Log for a complete list.

A big thanks to all the users who have already made VFB+ a part of their workflow!