Teamviewer Compatibility Issue

Update: this has been fixed in VFB+ v2.7.

Based on reports from several users, it seems there is a compatibility issue between new versions of Teamviewer and VFB+ on at least some releases of 3dsmax/Windows.

The symptom of this issue is that the VFB+ overlay will suddenly disappear after VFB window being minimized, resized or closed until 3dsmax is restarted. This is caused by a collision with Teamviewer’s ‘QuickConnect’ button. This is a button with a double-edged arrow that is automatically installed on the title bar of every window in the OS.

Workaround: Either disable the QuickConnect button, or exlude 3dsmax.exe from the list of applications for which it is installed. The following image shows exactly how to do this from the Teamviewer options dialog:
How to disable the QuickConnect button for 3dsmax

I will work towards fixing the issue permanently in the next release of VFB+.

Update: this has been fixed in VFB+ v2.7.

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