VFB+ v2.51

VFB+ v2.51 is now available for download.
This latest update fixes a few bugs reported by our users.


  • Deleting all images and then rendering would cause an exception.
  • Fixed batch CC UI quirks.
  • VFB+ could fail to initialize when trying to load a corrupted .VFB cache file.
  • [3dsmax 2013 & above] 3dsmax would crash when using render element names with more than 32 characters.
  • [3dsmax 2013 & above] Images loaded from a previous session of 3dsmax had garbled render element names.
  • [3dsmax 2013 & above] The batch CC feature was broken.
  • [3dsmax 2013 & above] Loading an image into VFB+ using MAXScript was broken.

Thanks again to all those who take the time to send me bug reports and feature requests!

Download VFB+ v2.51

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