mmTransformTypein: A hotkey-compatible TTI launcher

VFB+ user and architect Maxim Borisov has recently suggested a script to help make his transform-intensive work easier:

“Very often I have to move, rotate or scale my objects for some exact numbers of units, and I hate to move mouse pointer to Transform Type-in window, select the slot were to put numbers and move mouse back to objects on other side of my second screen… Idea is to get the Offset part of Transform Type-In dialog near by the mouse pointer or by hitting 4th or 5th button on mouse, or by some keyboard shortcut.”

This tiny MacroScript does exactly this. When executed, it opens the 3dsmax Transform Type-In dialog exactly where the mouse cursor is and sets keyboard focus to spinners. This allows rapid manipulation of scene objects for those users who rely on a fast-paced scene workflow.

edit (01/19/15) – the tool now takes the current axis constraints into consideration and focuses the relevant text field in the dialog.

4 thoughts on “mmTransformTypein: A hotkey-compatible TTI launcher

  1. Hi,

    I love the idea of this script. Would it be possible to fix this for 2015. When I click on an axis and do the shortcut for the tool it selcts the wrong axiz. Sometimes even in the absolute area fo the UI.

    I have this tool which sort of float docks the transform dialog box. This script sort of conflict with it at both use max transform tool internally.

    Would it be possible to achieve this without using max controls.